rachel currea



Rachel Currea, is known for her sensitive, passionate, and graceful style as a soloist, composer, conductor, and collaborator. As a Miami-based pianist and composer, she has produced two classical style new age piano solo albums, and a single ("Innersound", "Walking to You", and Imminence) featuring her own piano compositions.

Rachel began composing when she was 19 years old. Shortly after she composed her first few pieces, she suffered a serious auto accident with head and wrist injuries. For the next ten years Rachel found it nearly impossible to compose, but continued to perform and teach piano. Her breakthrough in composing again came with learning the art of meditation. Her CD of piano solos, “Innersound” is a tribute to this creative and personal breakthrough.

Rachel started performing as a church pianist at age 11, and her dedication to sacred music continues in her work as an organist, organ arranger, and composer of sacred choral music. At the invitation of the U.S. Ambassador to Jordan, Ms. Currea had the honor of performing in recital her orginal piano compositions for the Royal Family of Jordan on several occasions and has since performed as a soloist and collaborative artist in the US, the Middle East, Europe, and most recently in Moscow, Russia.

Her dedication to teaching has yielded students who have gone on to become national recording stars in their own right, from country music’s billboard charts to the classical stage.  Rachel has also shared the stage with opera singers such as Sandra Lopez, Elizabeth Caballero, Yvette Loynaz, and Tenor Stuart Neill, and has recently teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer and 17-time Classical Brit Award winner, Jon Cohen, to produce her latest single "Imminence".

She received both Bachelor’s and Master's degrees in Piano from the University of Miami. Rachel's music can be heard on internet radio stations such as www.Pandora.com, Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, Sky.FM, and iTunes.