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Ever since I've known your personality and your music I am amazed by the clear, happy and deep meaning of your work and soul. May God bless you more and more and more Rachel, you and your family.
Hi Rachel, Thnx to you Philip and Doug for the wonderful evening of music. Hope to see you performing back here in the near future. Tony Fernandes (Seattle)
You music comforts me when I experience sadness and distress thank you very much!!!
Your music seems to cure my anxiety. Thank you.
I believe your music is Holy Spirit inspired, for it is a blessing to me! Thank you. Matthew from Michigan
Hi, Rachel, I just bought two of your CD's and look forward to listening to them. I have enjoyed this style of music for several years and am glad not only to purchase your music but to be able to get to know you personally. Beverley
Good Evening. I love your music, it brings strength, happiness and positive vibrations. You're a real artist, a pure artist. Spending time listening to your album Walking To You, very nice, uplifting. Samuel Hopkins Guyana, South America.
It was a pleasure to meet you at the recent symposium and sing through your magnificent piece. Many thanks!
Awesome music!!
It was such a treat to meet you last week in Costa Mesa! Your work is exquisite! I am thoroughly enjoying both CDs!
Just heard "Soul Dance" on Pandora and loved it...contemplating which score to purchase so I can enjoy working on the music at home. Beautiful!
Your new album is truly beautiful. Thank you!
Soul Dance is the first song I heard after browsing Pandora. I never ventured into the genre of music so it is new to me. Your music is very relaxing and beautiful, you really capture a great mood.
Ethereal Music that soothes the soul and ignites the spirit.
Evocative, sensitive, and brilliantly executed work, Rachel. I used to play piano and would love to re-learn it again; at age 61, it is my deepest longing, but I need a good teacher to teach me to play by ear, not learn to read music all over again. Alas you reside in Florida! :^( Thanks for the inspiration!
Love your music!
The New CD "Walking to You" is stunning, inspirational and beautiful! I love every song. They are luxurious, soft, thoughtful and transcendent! Each song is carefully, as well as beautifully executed. It has the special quality of inspiring layers of emotion, reflection, escape and relaxation. I am in awe of your talent.... and adore your new album!
I absolutely love your music. I listen to it all the time. I find it soothing to my soul! Would love to see you perform. ABH
I found your music on Pandora and it inspired me, as a once-pianist. Because of your music, I am thinking of playing again. I wish you'd travel to Southern California for a concert so I could enjoy your music live. You have such a blessing, your music is so motivating and moving.
Like many, pandora was my gateway. I was wrapped in a project as my pandora rolled on. Gradually my heart swelled and everything had to stop, I needed to know who and what moved me. Passions. I have yet to be so suddenly moved since then. Thank you endlessy. You are quite blessed.
happy to meet you and your music via Pandora, been in Florida some time now...peace, now and forever...
Love your music as it has meaning and subtlety both at the same time.
Enjoy your music!
Your music is a peaceful blessing to my soul! So thankful for finding you on Pandora radio. Thank you for sharing your talent.
Hello Rachel, Thanks to our encounter over the phone regarding the Angel music for the Shepherd's Play, I have been introduced to your beautiful piano playing. I am grateful for this synchronistic and divinely guided meeting. I, too, am fascinated with sound and vibration, and practice sound healing using bells, gongs, bowls, chimes, drums, shakers and more . . creating organic music for my clients, as guided by spirit. Blessings on your continued success and inspiration ~ Amy Green Eugene Waldorf School
I have been listening to piano music since Winston in the '80's. Your music is beautiful and so peaceful. I thank Sky.fm for introducing me to your music. From a technical standpoint I very much appreciate the patience in your music. The way you take your time rolling out the music is wonderful. It allows me to savor it. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.
I feel I have been waiting to find her music for years. It hits me in a way no other can. Ms. Currea, thank you for your contribution to my spirituality and happiness.
I'm convinced that Rachel channeled Desert Night from the Goddess herself. Best paino I've ever heard.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR INNER JOY WITH THE WORLD. Thanks to Pandora I found your wonderful way with the notes that touch the soul - THANK YOU AGAIN.
Rachel, I want to let you know how much I enjoy listening to you. Your music is such an inspiration to me, a very calming influence in this chaotic world. I found your music on Jango a few months back, and I have been a big fan ever since. I play your music to start my day, and listen to it after coming home from work. I'm going through a very difficult period in my life right now, and I find great comfort in listening to you play. You play with such passion and from the heart. Your music moves me to tears sometimes because it is so beautiful. You have such an incredible talent and a true gift from God. Thank you for sharing your special gift with the world. Sincerely, Michael Hill
Great Music!
I close my eyes while your music dances through my soul lifting and taking me to beautiful places that quiet my spirit.
Enjoy your music!
Just heard your piece "Time Marches On" on Pandora and was moved by the contemplative and reflectiveness. After reading your biography, I am glad to hear you have found a way to compose again and articulate and share the beauty of it with us.
I LOVE your songs! You have such a gift for music. I've played the piano for over ten years and would just love to be able to play your songs! Have you ever considered selling sheet music for them?
Your music is incredible. When I read that small bit on your background (upon visiting your myspace page), I was all the more impressed with your work. Very great stuff! Wishing you all the best, Norman
I first heard your music through Pandora and I have to say, though I have heard several of your songs numerous times, "Passions" still gives me chills. Thank you Rachel.
Hi Rachel! Found you on Pandora and was quickly smitten with your melodic phrasing and the angelic aesthestics which emanate from your music. Of all the Pandora 'radio stations' I've created, Rachel Currea Radio is my favorite!
I am listening you right now from iTunes (Solo Piano - Sky.FM). And your music really touch me. I am from Mexico, and from here, please receive all my congrats and luck in your musical walktrogh. Tnanks for yuor music.
Found your music from a friend, who found you on Pandora. I had never heard of you before and enjoyed listening to your music, reading about your bio and story. We have many things in common - it's nice to meet another female pianist with some similarities. Hope to get to know you better within the music community! - Jennifer Thomas www.jenniferthomasmusic.com
Just learned of your existence tonite from long-time friend, Marcia Braun, who told of your meeting regarding the mangoes! Also, I have known Adelaide for years thru church, and miss seeing her these last few years. Tonite, I showed Marcia how to access Pandora Radio and then, she showed me your wonderful website! I can't wait to order a CD very soon, as I love piano music, and admire your story. I wrote you a longer email and it was returned. Either your box was full, or has changed. So this will be it for tonite, but I wanted to wish you a long and happy life. I know you were spared form the accident for a reason and God is using you for good purposes. It is so edifying to learn of a young lady, graciously gifted, and who cooperates so well with Grace. Sincerely. Marge Lyles, Miami Springs
I love the liquid sound of your fingers moving over the ivory. It transports me, energizes me and through it I achieve communion with a peace greater than I am able to comprehend. Love. Helen
Once again, a really inspiring piano piece was playing soulfully on Pandora as I was working remotely on my computer. I took a break from my work to see who it was, and what a (not!) surprise, it was your song, "I Found You, You Found Me". I always give you a thumbs up in Pandora to help support you and direct more of your music to our home. It was an interesting coincidence after discovering your music. Have a great and safe July 4th!
Your music touches the soul. I was happy to see you have played in Sarasota. Hope you come this way again and we can listen to you play in person. Any plans for another Sarasota concert?
I heard one of your songs on Pandora radio. I went to your website, read your bio and bought your album. I am so glad you went public with your music. It is truly inspiring. Thank you.
What a beautiful woman, beautiful soul, and such beautiful, spiritual music. So glad to have discovered you. Your music will stay with me forever! Yes - you are indeed brilliant!!
I was honored to receive, from your parents, the Inner Sound Piano Solos a couple of years ago. It has provided many enjoyable hours of listening pleasure. Commonly used when we have quests to provide a quality atmosphere. I expressed that to your parents at a recent conference. Thank you, RP
I just bought your album, and I love it! Do you plan on releasing sheet music for your songs?
Very nice and soft music. Loved your soothing tunes!
It has been many years, hope you are doing well.
Congratulations!!! You continue to impress me! Bill
Rachel, i already told you, but i write it now. I am not tired to listen to your music again and again and again. It fills up something that can not be explained in words. The music is like you, mature and playful, fresh and tender, magical, and i would say.. very femenine.. Thank you a lot
Hi ! I just bought your Inner sounds. It's a pure delight. It's a great feeling to see your soul go thru every notes. Thank you.
Bravo! You were brilliant!
We're looking forward to sharing a listen with some of the dancers at our daughter's school (RBAI.biz). I agree that there is something about the piano's voice that tugs at the heart -- and after having been away from it myself since college, your compositions warm and soothe. Thank you so much for sharing and God Bless!
What a lovely website...we feel lucky to have you teaching Madeline. And we listened to your cd in the car on the way home and it's wonderful.
Congratulations, Rachel,your music is beautiful!
Hi Rachel, We love your music! It is truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. Who knew there was such great talent in Schenley Park! -Susan, Eric & Elizabeth
Sra. Rachel Felicitaciones, ha sido un placer escuchar su musica,ud es muy talentosa, sus composiciones son magicas. gracias.
Your parents shared your beautiful music with my husband and me this past Oct. We listen to the CD often, always leaving us with the same sense of inner peace and calmness. After hearing your music in my classroom, fellow teachers are requesting your CD and your music plays throughout our school campus. I am sharing your outstanding talent over here in Naples and throughout the west coast!
I think you are wonderful and I enjoy your album very much.
Dear Rachael, Love your C.D.congratulations we truly enjoyed it. Rodrigo
Dear Ms. Currea, My husband and I received your CD as a gift, and we must say, this is some of the most beautiful, warm music there is. It is perfect to have playing all the time... whether with friends over or just relaxing ourselves. We are going to order several copies for gifts for friends. Please keep composing. You have a wonderful talent that should not be wasted.
Love your site and you look marvelous! Well done, congratulations!!! Diana & Schenley
Dear Rachel, Congratulations!!! I really enjoyed listening to your music...very spiritual...very nice sound!!! all the best to you!!! your friend and duo partner...Debora
Congratulations on the success of your album and your musical endeavors! Love the website, too!
Hi Rachel, This is Frans, your cousin's husband. We just came back from a relaxing fall break in Bali and it was great to receive your email with the announcement of your piano solo (Inner Sound)on sky FM. I forwarded the email to Natalie. I am looking forward listening to your music soon. all the best, Love Frans, Natalie, Sven and Katiana Grimbergen Singapore
You look gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to hear the CD! I'm purchasing it now. All the Best in your new venture!Victoria
Its your neighbor. I love the website. It came out awesome!!!!! The music is sooooooooooo relaxing.
How beautiful! I found it very moving and the delicacy of the sounds are incredible. Who knew we have such talent in our neighborhood! The website is great. When I get back from New York/New Jersey art trip I will forward your site to friends I KNOW will be delighted too.
Rachel, my heart is so full. You doin' it, girl! You're an inspiration to me in ways I can never explain. From one pianist to another: the key of our soul plays on, the hammers strike our heart strings and they shiver...out comes the noise...a beautiful noise! Love you, with you always! Keysha
Veni, vidi, vici
Boo! Scared Ya!!
Best of luck on your new venture! We wish you much success and love! Marcia, Bernie and Deanna.