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Walking to You is a solo piano album that has it all, as a piano based album lovers of the genre must surely eat it up, but Rachel Currea has that little something else that us lovers of really good music enjoy, she has that amazing ability to feel, perform and create all from the heart and on Walking to You, she has brought that all together, in 16 very enticing and listenable compositions.


Boasting a tasteful extravagance throughout, ‘Walking to You’ is a graceful yet passionate interweaving of classical and contemporary melodies that bring inspiration and comfort to the soul. Rachel’s beautifully layered compositions often take unpredictable twists and turns that are perfectly seamless and never jarring, speaking to her remarkable dexterity. A prepossessing display of heartfelt expression, this album will appeal, especially, to listeners who enjoy elegant, uplifting piano music with a definite classical flair!

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“The sixteen tracks on Walking to You are graceful, gorgeous, and soulful, displaying Currea’s exceptional piano touch and expressive playing. It is very likely that this will be one of my Favorite albums of the year!

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"Loynaz y Currea, un dúo de calidad" (Loynaz and Currea, a quality duo) “Currea proved herself to be a skilled musician in the difficult art of accompaniment, while her solo performances of her own compositions, from the album "Inner Sound", were also warmly received by the audience. Evocative and vaguely descriptive at times (Night Butterflies), Currea's creations hold a neo-romantic and personal flair; what to say of the fact that this composer commits to her performance like no other.”

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Pianist and composer Rachel Currea, ...blowing the judges away with her original piece, Hear Me Now.

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The original classical composition she played was filled with joy, angst and phrasing worthy of her brilliant talent. The goose bumps just now returned as I write this.

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Despite the programmatic nature of many of Currea's compositions, they are not imitative and simplistic. She composes at a high level of abstraction that is more evocative than descriptive. Even if you don't know the title of a particular work and don't know exactly what she is describing, you still can be captivated by the richness, complexity, and flowing melodic style of the music. She plays in a fluid, seemingly effortless style, with a light and deft touch that makes each note stand out in crisp clarity. She is especially adept at filling in the textures around a melody, making it resonate with unusual depth.

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Interview by Ed Weiss

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2007 has proven itself to be a year of incredibly good solo piano albums, and Rachel Thomas Curreas debut is one of the best. Vibrant and full of life, yet peaceful and soothing, Curreas music is accessible and easy to grasp, yet complex, revealing new things each time you listen... Soul Dance, a lively and spirited piece of musical magic, begins the journey. A darker, more subdued middle section gives way to the joyful, playful dance - a celebration of the ups and downs of life. Epic Romance could only be a love song, passionate and tender, with lots of tonal color and expression. Time Marches On is a favorite. A sense of urgency permeates the piece with swirling notes and a poignant melody. The first half of Quiet Joyâ was written before the car accident. As the title indicates, this piece is warmly introspective and contented, like a simple daydream in the springtime sunshine. I also really like Desert Night, with its varied themes and changing rhythms. Inner Peace is gorgeous. Sometimes very quiet and restful and sometimes brimming with emotion, it is truly an inner self-portrait. Announcement of War was composed the night President Bush announced that the US would go to war with Iraq. Deeply thoughtful and sometimes hymn-like, this piece also overflows with emotion. Dragonflieseturns to a more playful mood, yet has a sense of purpose. Soaring feels like drifting along on a cloud, free of cares and pain. As the Night Moves opens with shades of Erik Satie on the left hand and a delicate melody on the right. A bit more abstract than some of the other pieces, it is graceful, elegant, and very soulful. Rachel Currea has released an extraordinary debut - a celebration of life and of the creative process. Sure to be a favorite for many years to come!

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I got your CD and love it! I added 4 tracks on the Solo Piano Channel. Best of luck with your career! Peace, Gary Farr, host/programmer Sky.fm solo piano channel www.sky.fm/solopiano

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Good Vibrations I think that it is extremely difficult for a person to recover from life threatening trauma and knit their lives back together like a colorful fabric, strong and resilient. Fortunately so seems the case of composer and pianist Rachel Currea who was injured in a terrible car accident and returned stronger in spirit for the ordeal. Her solo piano album Inner Sound is tinted with emotion and painted with the vivid colors of understanding. Currently a resident of Miami, Florida Rachel is a world traveler who has performed in Europe, the Middle East and the United States. She maintains a Masters and Bachelors Degree in piano from the University of Miami. She is a student as well as teacher and performs regularly as well as maintaining a piano studio. From the power of meditation she learned that inner energy, peace and composition have much in common and Innersound is her result. The opening track Soul Dance is a spirited song full of energetic leaps and cavorting, but it has a quiet, dark side as well. It recounts a time when confusion and doubt dominated a life. Happily, the music does come full circle and once again balance and order is restored, but the journey has been arduous. When I last visited the desert, it was in the dead of winter and yet there was still life to be seen and enjoyed. Stalwart vegetation and hearty animal life were in evidence if you looked closely. The night was a cascade of blue-white beauty as far as the eye could see. Rachels captures that moonlight-splashed splendor in the tune Desert Night. He piano is a symbol for the grandness of the desert and her music is the life within. High above the star blazes like every candle ever lit with a sense of hope. This is one of my favorites on the album. I know a bit about dragonflies. I know that they are some of the oldest insects on our planet. I know that they are protective of their territory with the same tenacity as a lion on the plains. Moreover, I know that the song Dragonflies represents the boundless energy that the spirit can achieve if you listen to the inner self. That is concept that the whole album conveys. There are strengths in there just waiting to be utilized if you only look deep enough. I have often thought that the souls of the world seek not untold riches as popular media would have us think, but continuously carry on a search for Inner Peace. Rachel's song of serenity has a genuine warmth and a joy that can only been attained once the search is at an end. Peace can take many forms, from a childs innocent smile, to the distant peal of wedding bells or the last gold rays and a sunset shared. The tune lets you chase away the angry thoughts of the day and bask in a glow that is seldom seen, but felt in a deep place. For someone that was reluctant about composing, I must say the effort is simply amazing. The emotion that resides in every note is warm and compassionate. Rachel Currea's songs reflect a spirit that once stimulated knows no bounds. I look forward to hearing more from this talented young artist. Rating: Good + - reviewed by RJ Lannan on 1/17/2008

Hess Conservatory of Music/Executive Vice President, Miami Civic Concert Association

Ever so rarely, an exceptional musical talent emerges upon the scene, composing soul touching piano works with ethereal beauty, heart rendering sensitivity and simply wonderful melodies. Such are the compositions of Rachel Thomas Currea, performing some of her "Inner Sound Piano Solos". Ms. Currea, armed with a M.M. has performed in classical recitals as a soloist and chamber musician in the US, the Middle East, and Europe. Perhaps, her international scope has influenced and enriched her musicality, which shines in this first of her recordings. I truly enjoyed every one of her compositions, but my personal favorite was "Quiet Joy". When one experiences a new and fresh musical experience that touches one's innermost feelings, that is a glorious moment. Rachel Thomas Currea has accomplished just that in her new recording. A new star is on the rise.